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ParaProfile is THE social site for anyone that loves anything considered "paranormal". If you investigate ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, any other paranormal activity, or are just a fan, this is the site for you! Upload pictures or videos of evidence, EVPs, blog about your adventures, and chat with other paranormal enthusiast.
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When Ghost Hunting Goes Wrong: The Film

Based off Josh Heard's book, 'When Ghost Hunting Goes Wrong: A Brush With Evil'. "The reason why I am choosing to put this idea into a documentary format is fairly simple: I would like to reach a broader audience through this form of media" says Josh. "I simply feel that the overall message of the project is too important". The basis of the film will be addressing an underlying issue within the paranormal field; what happens when ghost hunters are investigating, or even "thrill-seeking," and bite off more than they can chew?
The location in question is an old, run down church named Workman Chapel that sits right outside of Maryville, MO. During Josh's previous investigations, he has watched the most horrible things happen to very close friends whom he cares about greatly.

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A gang of female bikers seek out the sinister cult that possessed them with demons from Hell- The Red Fangs are a nomadic motorcycle club. Four women are the only surviving members. They travel across the country seeking the cult that embedded them with demons. When provoked, the demons unleash hell to whomever seeks it.
ASPHALT She-WOLVES is being developed as a webseries and is currently in production for the pilot episode to shoot in this spring. This series is something different. It's Sons of Anarchy meet the supernatural. Grab on to your handle bars and enjoy the ride!

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